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OpenZeppelin SDK makes smart contract development easy. Save hours of development time by compiling, upgrading, deploying, and interacting with smart contracts with our CLI.

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No more time spent configuring and plugging many tools together. OpenZeppelin SDK is your Swiss Army knife for smart contract development.

Upgrade your contracts

By leveraging our proxy pattern, you can develop your smart contracts iteratively. Locally, it speeds up your development. On production, it makes it easier to squash bugs and extend your functionality.


Interactive commands

Need to call a smart contract function? We've got you covered. Need to send some ether? Just type a quick command. Our interactive commands help you call and debug your smart contracts.

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Modularity first

Want to create a React dapp? Just type a command. Need to upgrade your contract? There's a command for that. Want to reserve predetermined addresses with CREATE2? We've got that too.

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