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The first secure operations platform for Ethereum


Automate and secure all your smart contract administration

Administration mistakes on protocols and applications put user funds at risk. With Defender Admin, you can seamlessly manage all smart contract administration including access controls, upgrades, and pausing. Works with popular multi-sigs including Gnosis Safe.


Build with private and secure transaction infrastructure

Don’t spend time implementing third-party or homegrown transaction infrastructure that is unreliable or insecure. Use Defender Relay to quickly implement private relayers with support for testnets, mainnet, layer 2 and sidechains. Increase user security with embedded key vaults, API key management, and meta-transactions.


Create automated scripts to call your smart contracts

Homegrown bots and cron jobs are tedious to maintain and a target for hackers. With Defender Autotasks, you can easily create and run scripts in a serverless environment that call your smart contracts and other web services. Automate your operations and lower attack risk.


Quickly implement security best practices

Protocol complexity is increasing, leading to new vulnerabilities that you might not be aware of. Use Defender Advisor knowledgebase to stay up to date with the latest security best practices. Use step-by-step guides to implement them across development, testing, monitoring and operations.

Developers love OpenZeppelin Defender

“Defender is an invaluable tool for any team that needs to manage smart contracts after they are deployed.”

Tom Kysar
Ken Schiller Software Engineer at dYdX

“Defender is all the best practices in a box. It's a no brainer that will improve the security and efficiency of any team.”

Brendan Eich
Peter Watts CTO at Props

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